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4.1. Overview of the tradable green certificates system...

4.1. Overview of the tradable green certificates system The support system for renewable energy in Romania, i.e. quota system with tradable green certificates, was launched in 2004 in order to achieve two goals: to reduce the prices for consumers and to protect the generators of renewable electricity. Wind energy, solar energy, biomass, micro hydro and geothermal energy are all sources of energy that can be supported by this system [68]. The trading of green certificates is ensured by OPCOM (green certificates market operator) who establishes the prices on the centralized market of green certificates. The green certificates are sold on the green certificates market, independently from electricity sold on the electricity market. The green†¦show more content†¦Renewable electricity producers operate both on the electricity market (as producers of electricity), and on the green certificates market (as owners of green certificates). If they do not fulfill the annual mandatory quota, then they have to pay a penalty equal to the value of the green certificates not purchased. The payment is made to Transelectrica S.A., who is the power grid company. The evolutions of the Romanian economy and energy sector, as well as the international trends have induced the necessity of updating the strategies, policies, plans and programs previously developed. The Romanian Energy Strategy for the period 2007 – 2020 updated for the period 2011 – 2020 states as the overall objective of the energy sector to meet the energy needs both now and in the medium and long term, at the lowest possible price, suitable for a modern economy, and a decent standard of living, in terms of quality and energy security, respecting the principles of sustainable development [61]. Having in mind the role of energy in society and in all economic sectors, the development of this sector is made under the supervision of the state, through the development and the implementation of the sector strategy. For the promotion of renewable energy sources the strategy envisages the following measures [61]: - Development of the use of renewable energy sources for electricity and heat production throughShow MoreRelatedValue Chain Analysis : A Competitive Strength Of The Organization1527 Words   |  7 Pagesactivities are directly concerned with the creation or delivery of a product or service (Mullins Syam, 2014). CCCC can be grouped into five main areas: inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and service. Each of these primary activities is linked to support activities which help to improve the effectiveness or efficiency for CCCC products and services. CCCC has four main areas of support activities: procurement, technology development including RD, human resourceRead MoreDeveloping an Analytical Approach to Industrial Relations Policy929 Words   |  4 Pagesan employer and employee is inevitable. They are also against HRM, as they look at it as manipulative of the workers. Trade unions is a reaction and exploitation to the management, and workin g towards a radical change in the society. Therefore Ms CCCC it is important to accept and respect that the employment relationship is interdependent, a psychological contract Rousseau (1990), which means that the contract is mutual, and there has to be cooperation on both of the sides. I would say, to acctuallyRead MoreChallenges in Interpersonal Relationships976 Words   |  4 Pagestransition of becoming a married couple. Many areas will be covered in this class. We will discuss effective listening, empathy, nonverbal and verbal communication and much more. Class 101 will start April 18, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. in the Relationship hall at CCCC. Below is a brief outline for week one. If you have any questions or concerns please call me at (919)732-8888 ext. 4049. EXPLAIN THE PRINCIPLES AND MISCONCEPTIONS IN EFFECTIVE INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION The first class will be introduced from KathyRead MoreComparison of Heaneys at a Potato Digging and Hardys Autumn Midnight.1193 Words   |  5 Pageswork in order to survive. ‘A Sheep Fair’ also uses a regular rhyme scheme and structure. The rhyme scheme is ABABCCCCDD. This shows the rhythmical and methodical way in which the sheep fair would have worked through the lots of sheep for sale. The CCCC is used as listing and this increases the pace of the poem and reflects the busyness of the fair. This also captures snapshot moments of the fair from the poet’s memory: ‘Their horns are soft as finger- nails,/ Their shepards reek against the railsRead More U.S-Mexico Borderlands Essay examples1068 Words   |  5 Pagesfor land and some lost access to irrigation water causing damage to their crops. In addition, mines were not being held accountable for the lack of safety measures. Ganster and Lorey write that in one year the â€Å"Cananea Consolidated Copper Company (CCCC) reported 18 deaths and 769 accidents†. (Ganster/Lorey 57) The recession in the United States caused the unemployment of a large number of Mexican citizens . During the year 1907, mines and stores were closing and agriculture was declining. LaterRead MoreStandard Cut Analysis : Bdt Systematics1142 Words   |  5 PagestBDT_{ij} = tBDT_{ij} - tBDT_{i0}$, p and $\epsilon$ are the purity and efficiency for one experiment as before, $\Delta FOM = FOM_{toy} - FOM_{Nominal}$, with FOM =p, $\epsilon$ or p $\times \epsilon$.\\ \begin{figure}[H] \centering \begin{tabular}{cccc} \toprule \textbf{Nominal}\tikzmark{start} \tikzmark{1}{\textbf{Toy 1}} \dots \textbf{Toy N}\tikzmark{endH} \\ \hline $tBDT_{10}$ $tBDT_{11}$ \dots $tBDT_{1N}$ \\ $\Delta tBDT_{11}$ \dots $\Delta tBDT_{1N}$ \\ $tBDT_{20}$Read MoreStb Case Study876 Words   |  4 Pagesthat method as he was collecting the measurements from different sensing nodes with different taper and then he collect them together in the following measurement matrix\label{eq2} } \begin{equation} \label{eq2} $ A(F) = \left( \begin{array}{cccc} a_{0}^{0}X_{0}^{0} a_{1}^{0}X_{1}^{0}†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.a_{k-1}^{0} X_{k-1}^{0} \\ a_{0}^{1}X_{0}^{1} a_{1}^{1} X_{1}^{1}†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.a_{k-1}^{0} X_{k-1}^{0}\\ . . \\ . . \\ . . \\ a_{0}^{M-1}X_{0}^{M-1} a_{1}^{M-1} X_{1}^{M-1}†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Read MoreEssay about The American Dream: Cà ©sar Chavez893 Words   |  4 PagesTimeline: Cesar Chavez. Infoplease. Infoplease, n.d. Web. 02 May 2014. Centro Cultural Cà ©sar Chà ¡vez. Cà ©sar Chà ¡vezs Bio. Oregon State University, n.d. Web. 04 May 2014. Tejada-Flores, Rick. Fight in the Fields. PBS. PBS, n.d. Web. 03 May 2014. U.S. Immigration Since 1965. AE Television Networks, 2010Read MoreHow Does Language Phonotactics Affect Phonological Processing? Essay1350 Words   |  6 PagesJordanian English language and literature majors at two public universities . Evaluating the production of the participants, two native English speakers reported the existence of an epenthetic vowel /i/ word initially and finally to break cc, ccc, and cccc clusters as clear from these Saidat’s examples: /sÉ ªblà ¦ ÊÆ' / ‘splash’ , /sÉ ªblÉ ª:n/ ‘spleen’ , /stÊŠbÉ ªd/ ‘stopped’, /wÉ”:k É ªd/ ‘walked’, /mÊÅ'nÃŽ ¸Ã‰ ªs/ ‘months’ /hà ¦ndÉ ªz/ ‘hands’, but this study is restricted to Ammani dialect , to production only , used real EnglishRead MoreYouth and Crime - Who Is Responsible Essay1061 Words   |  5 Pagescounseling and scared straight programs. Only fifteen percent believed that locking youth up in juvenile f acilities is effective in rehabilitating them. Earlier polls found majorities (though not as large) supporting prevention over incarceration. The CCCC poll found that a majority is optimistic that offenders, even violent ones, can be rehabilitated. That poll also found that Americans believe that any adult can make a difference in the life of a young person by volunteering time as a mentor, youth

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Copernicus Essay - 597 Words

Nicolas Copernicus Nicolas Copernicus 1473-1543 Physics February 8, 2000 Nicolas Copernicus Nicolas Copernicus 1473-1543 Copernicus was born in Poland in 1473, he started his education at Cracow University. There he studied mathematics and optics. From here he went to Italy, where he was appointed as a canon in the cathedral of Frauenburg, where he spent a comfortable academic life studding. Copernicus had some small hobbies while at the cathedral, he painted, and frequently translated Greek poetry into Latin. One other hobby that just wasnt small enough to be called a hobby to most of us was astronomy. He made investigations quietly and alone, without any help. He observed from a turret on a protective wall around a cathedral, he also†¦show more content†¦(Field 1995) So you can see why Copernicus wasn’t in any big rush to have the world know about his theory. On one hand he would cause a Nicolas Copernicus tramoundous stir in the church, and all the scientific commu nity. He would’ve most likely have been fired from the comfortable church position he had for many years, and could‘ve given him a bad name. If it hadn’t been for George Rheticus, a 25-year-old German mathematics professor Copernicus’s might have never publiched his work. (Field 1995) Rheticus stayed with Copernicus for two years, and convinced him to release his work. â€Å"His work the Copernicuss heliostatic cosmology involved giving several distinct motions to the Earth. It was consequently considered implausible by the vast majority of his contemporaries, and by most astronomers and natural philosophers of succeeding generations before the middle of the seventeenth century. Its only defenders included Johannes Kepler (1571 -1630) and Galileo Galilei (1564- 1642). Strong theoretical underpinning for the Copernican theory was provided by Newtons theory of universal gravitation (1687).† (Field 1995) So Copernicus’s whole argument stated tha t the planets and the Earth were in orbit around the sun, and the moon was in orbit around the Earth. This is called the The Heliocentric System: Nicolas Copernicus In conclusion Copernicus said that the Sun was the center of the universe, and went against all known knowledge, religion, and teachings. HeShow MoreRelated Copernicus Essay1578 Words   |  7 Pages Copernicus has been named one of the most influential people this millennia by Time Magazine; in part for his movements in though during the scientific revolution; creating a basis for modern astronomy and challenging the Church (of the 15th century) to lead the way to a reform in thinking. He did so by disproving (mathematically) a theory of the heavens that had existed for almost 14 centuries, established by a man named Charles Ptolemy in 250 AD. Copernicus revolutionized astronomy by creatingRead MoreThe Contributions Of Nicholas Copernicus1684 Words   |  7 PagesToday Nicholas Copernicus is commonly known as the Fath er of Modern Astronomy. Over his lifetime he made many amazing contributions to the world of science. His love for astronomy first began when he was attending a university and from there it only grew. In his time some of his ideas were considered absurd, some were even frowned upon by the church. Though some of his theories were proven untrue, they have led to further study and new ideas of the astronomical world and have highly impacted theRead MoreEssay on Nicolai Copernicus1208 Words   |  5 PagesNicolaus Copernicus Have you ever wondered who discovered that the sun is the center of our universe? If so, the answer is Nicolai Copernicus. This man was a well-respected as well as well educated man. He explored many different subjects including mathematics, medicine, canon law, and his favorite astronomy. The Earth-centered universe of Aristotle and Ptolemy were Western thinking for almost 2000 years until the 16th century when Copernicus proposed his theory. Copernicus was born on FebruaryRead MoreThe Astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus1026 Words   |  4 Pagespeople who thought differently. One of those people, was Nicolaus Copernicus. Nicolaus Copernicus came into the world on February 19th, 1473 in Torun, Poland. He was the fourth and youngest child born to Nicolaus Copernicus Sr. and Barbara Watzenrode, an affluent copper merchant family. When Copernicus was 10 years of age, his father died. His mother’s brother, Bishop of Varmia Lucas Watzenrode, took the place as a father figure. Copernicus attended the University of Cracow in 1491. He studied many subjectsRead More The Scientific Revolution: Copernicus and Galileo Essay1067 Words   |  5 PagesThe Scientific Revolution: Copernicus and Galileo The scientific revolution brought on new and important change. People began to see things extremely differently. Up to this point religion had been an issue of pure faith. A person could not use any empirically based data or reason to justify or develop ideas on religion. People who contradicted the church were considered heretics and were punished. At this time, people believed in the universe that Ptolemy had theorized: that the earth wasRead MoreCopernicus : A Renaissance Mathematician And Astronomer942 Words   |  4 PagesCopernicus Nicolaus Copernicus was a renaissance mathematician and astronomer. Born on February 19th 1473 in Torun, Poland. The youngest child born to Nicolaus Copernicus Sr. and Barbara Watzenrode. When Copernicus was 10 years of age, his father passed away. His uncle Lucas Watzenrode took up the parental role to ensure that Copernicus would get the best education possible for him. ` In 1491, Copernicus entered the University of Cracow, where he studied painting and mathematics. Although CopernicusRead MoreCopernicus And Galileo : The Heavenly Bodies1087 Words   |  5 PagesDanielle Amar Brooklyn College History 3005 Prof. Tunney 10/24/17 Copernicus and Galileo The chosen sources are considerably based on Copernicus and Galileo which further reflects the comparison and contrast between both the well-known personalities. However, the first selected source is Dedication of the Revolutions of the Heavenly Bodies to Pope Paul III†, analyzed and constructed by Nicolaus Copernicus, 1543. Whereas, the second source is â€Å"Science and Scripture† by Galileo, 1957. The firstRead More The Scientific Revolutions and Copernicus Book Essay721 Words   |  3 PagesThe Scientific Revolutions and Copernicus Book In the sixteenth and seventeenth century a Scientific Revolution swept over Europe. The start of this Scientific Revolution has been atributed to Nicolaus Copernicus and his Heliocentric Model of the Universe. Copernicus was born in Torun Poland on February 19, 1473. His parents both died when he was very young so he was sent to live with his uncle who was a high ranking official in the Church. Copernicus studied canon law, medicine, astronomyRead MoreEssay on The Life of Nicolaus Copernicus566 Words   |  3 PagesNicolaus Copernicus was a Renaissance mathematician and astronomer. He is famous for his formulation of a heliocentric theory of our galaxy. This theory suggested that the Earth and other planets revolve around the sun, which is in the center of our solar system. This heliocentric model was the opposite of what people had believed before, which was that the sun and other planets revolved around Earth. Copernicus was a genius of his time and had a breakthrough in astronomy. He is known as the initiatorRead MoreEssay on Early Life of Nicolaus Copernicus846 Words   |  4 Pagesaccomplishments of Nicolaus Copernicus, who faced many of the same challenges that many great discovere rs faced in earlier times. I am also going to tell you about some of the mistakes made by Nicolaus Copernicus. Early Life of Nicolaus Copernicus: Nicolaus Copernicus is the latin name for this famous astronomer’s real name. His real name was Mikolaj Koppernigk, but lets just stick with Nicolaus Copernicus in this essay. He born in Torun, Poland on February 19th, 1473. Copernicus was born in a wealthy

Pecola Essay Example For Students

Pecola Essay The Breedlove family has moved from the rural south to urban Lorain, Ohio, and the displacement, in addition to grinding work conditions and poverty, contributes to the familys dysfunction. Told from the perspectives of the adolescent sisters, Claudia and Frieda MacTeer, Morrisons narrative weaves its way through the four seasons and traces the daughters (Pecola Breedlove) descent into madness. Through flashback and temporal shifts, Morrison provides readers with the context and history behind the Breedloves misery and Pecolas obsessive desire to have the bluest eyes. This short novel counterbalances two points of view: one, the tragic consequences of racism (in the Breedlove family), and two, agency and resistance to that racism (in the MacTeer family). The storys focus, however, is on the Breedloves, and readers are immediately faced with the dissonance between the realities of the Breedlovesand especially Pecolaslives and the chapter headings that begin with excerpts from the white, middle-class Dick Jane reader. Much as Pecolas world falls apart in the novel, the Dick Jane passages, repeated three times, degenerate into formless, meaningless print: seemothermotherisverynice. The object of scorn for her ugliness from her family and acquaintances, Pecola yearns to become beautiful and, (she thinks) as a result of her beauty, loveable. That beauty is strictly defined by white and unattainable standards; however, a Shirley Temple mug and Mary Jane candies become the emblems of that for which Pecola yearns. The same racism that underpins the stan dards of beauty under which Pecola and her mother, Pauline, suffer, is also at the root of Pecolas fathers alcoholism and violence. After he impregnates Pecola and she is beaten by her mother for it, Pecola (with the treachery of Soaphead Church, a faith healer) goes mad, believing she has obtained her blue eyes. By novels end she obsessively, repeatedly asks an imaginary other if, indeed, her eyes are the bluest. There is an interesting (and excerptable) scene in the novel when Pauline is in the hospital giving birth to Pecola. The doctors come by her bed as the attending physician says, these here women you dont have any trouble with. They deliver right away and with no pain. Just like horses. Pauline counters by moaning something awful to teach the doctors that ust cause I wasnt hooping and hollering before didnt mean I wasnt feeling pain. While the doctors have their story about Pauline, she resists their version, retelling it, talking back to medicine and to readers. This secti on raises important questions about assumptions and the ways social factors such as race, class, and gender can get in the way of hearing stories and understanding patients lives. English Essays

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They Died With Their Boots On Essays - Battle Of The Little Bighorn

They Died With Their Boots On? They Died With Their Boots On Starring: Errol Flynn as General Custer, Olivia de Havilland as Elizabeth Bacon, Arthur Kennedy I as Ned Sharp, and Charlie Grapewin as California Joe. Produced in 1943 Produced in 1943, They Died With Their Boots On, a Warner Brothers? film, is a horribly inaccurate account of the events that lead to the Battle of Little Big Horn. His early days in war were depicted accurately, however. Boots told of his experiences at West Pointe; the most important experience is, notably, his graduation. He received the absolute worst scores ever recorded at West Pointe upon his commencement. After that point, it all goes down hill. Custer was also a womanizer, but in this film he was quite a gentlemen, being sure to get Elizabeth Bacons fathers permission for everything the two did together. Custer was displayed as a very sympathetic and warm-hearted general, while he was, in actuality, not such. Custer was known to be rather a large egoist and somewhat of a rude man. Then, for dramatic effect, filmmakers fabricated a conspiracy that Custers enemies concocted to remove him from opposition. His opponents, executives of a large company which he refused a position in, lied about gold in the Black Hills in order to trick thousands of Americans into violating a peace treaty with the Sioux. The truth: there really WAS gold in the Black Hills. Negro slaves were depicted as goofy and silly, added only for comic effect. One lady in particular danced about singing a rhyme, Rabbits foot, work your charm, protect that ladys man from harm! after reading the tea leaves for a friend. The Sioux Indians were also depicted rather inaccurately. They all wore a single feather in the backs of their heads and yipped and hollered just as Indians would do. They screamed and beat their hands on their mouths, all the while speaking English in the manner of a five year-old. Finally, the films depiction of Civil War battles, not to mention the battle of Little Big Horn, were laughable. There were twenty, MAYBE thirty men all lined up on either side of the field, and every time the Union soldiers fought, at least two Confederate soldiers or Indians fell, dead. However , when the opposing side fired or attacked, the Union cavalries were nearly impregnable. Although Boots was made in the early 40s, at which point societys cultural knowledge was not thoroughly advanced, it still lacked historical accuracy. Custer, the Sioux, and the Negroes were all mistakenly depicted, as were the battles that seemed to last for hours. However, Boots was emotionally rousing, and a story with some truth behind it. If its a good time youre looking for, go for it! Otherwise, do not expect anything fantastic. Cinema and Television

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Essay on Writing

Essay on Writing Essays on writing contain information regarding writing different essays. The essays on writing inform the readers about various tips on writing essays. Many supporting sites provide tips on writing an essay and you can do many essays on writing by following those tips. Teachers give the students many essays on writing and assign different topics to them, which they are unable to do without some tips on writing a good essay. For doing a reflective essay on writing or essays on Canadian writing, you have to follow the following tips on essay writing: 1. You should divide your essay on writing in three parts. 2. The first part comprises an introduction. 3. The second part should contain the descriptive information regarding the topic of the essay on writing. 4. The third part should be of conclusion. 5. Each paragraph should contain one idea. 6. Your essay should be organized. 7. You should make a draft to select the most appropriate ideas. 8. In draft, you have to make certain headings, which you can remove, in your reflective essay on writing or custom essay on writing. 9. You can use headings if you wish to or there is no necessity for the inclusion of headings in the essay on writing. 10. You should write after researching the topic of the essay on writing. 11. The research should be relevant to the topic of essay on writing. 12. Do not try to make your essay lengthy. 13. Include only that information that is required. 14. Use clear and simple language. 15. Do not copy from any source. 16. Use quotations where appropriate to justify your claims but give the full reference of the source from which you have quoted, otherwise, you will be accused of plagiarism. Plagiarism is also termed as academic dishonesty. The tips on writing college essays or on writing the college application essay are more or less the same that are described above but as the level of education heightens, the responsibilities of the students are also increased. The seriousness of the topic in terms of essay on writing increases and the students are thought of to appear more competent and capable as compared to a lower level of studies. Essays on Canadian writing, essays on descriptive writing, essays on extended writing, essays on historical writing, essays on psychological writing and custom essay on writing, all of the stated essays on writing and others should be written by following the guidelines that are given above. The guidelines that are given above can be used as help on writing essays. An essay on writing will have to done keeping the principles of organization and they are introduction, discussion and conclusion in which the essay on writing should be divided.

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Interpersonal Communications Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Interpersonal Communications - Assignment Example As such, intercultural communications will foster interpersonal communications between ordinary people and respectable citizens in the different cultures that one will meet while travelling. Male/Female communication differences, which relate to interpersonal communications, are very significant in the society. In a given society, the mode of communication is different between men and women, women and women, children and adults, and between men and men. However, there is need to establish effective interpersonal communications between these categories of communication. As such, the knowledge on male/female communication differences will help us to establish respectable and efficient interpersonal communications. In most cases, women manifest abject respect while communicating with men while men manifest objectivity while communication with other men. As such, male/female communication differences derive the aspect of gender, which is very significant in interpersonal communications. Birth order relates to interpersonal communications and has significant effects on communications in the society. Indeed, birth order may define generational differences in the society and the level of respect while communicating to people of different ages. As such, birth order affects communication in that people within the same generation as defined by the birth order has a unique way of communication. Indeed, the communication modes, language, and goals of the new generation differ from those of the older generation. As such, this knowledge will foster effective communication between people in the same generation and across different generations. Moreover, birth order defines the respect levels in the society with the older people deserving respectable communication. This knowledge will foster effective interpersonal communications. Moreover, listening is another important topic that relates to interpersonal

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International Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 5

International Business - Essay Example Not all promises of financial market globalization have been fulfilled. Theoretically, one of the principal advantages of globalization is the enhancement of efficient international risk sharing, a theory tested by Kose, Prasad, and Terrones (2009). However, despite using different statistical tests, the study could only find evidence of a moderate level of international risk sharing, nowhere similar to the degree anticipated by the theory. Empirical proof points to the fact that only industrial countries improve their risk sharing outcomes in financial market globalization. Developing countries and emerging markets which, in the course of globalization, have lowered capital controls, despite witnessing large increases in cross-border capital flows, have hardly improved in risk-sharing, being instead exposed to contagion shocks and extreme volatility caused by the substantial inflow and outflow of portfolio funds. Another major concern is the financial contagion that wreaks periodic havoc on our capital markets. A phenomenon of emerging markets is the Sudden Stop, characterized by (1) sudden reversals of capital inflows and current account deficits; (2) collapses in output and private absorption; and (3) large relative price corrections in domestic good prices and asset prices. The occurrence of Sudden Stops highlights the peculiar risks assumed by capital from abroad, particularly developed markets, that get invested in an emerging market. This spawned a theory by Calvo (2002) dubbed the â€Å"globalization hazard†.